Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spayday! Spayday! Spayday!

Spayday! Spayday! Spayday!

It’s Ruger’s big day today. She’s getting spayed! Yay! She’ll be healthier, happier and cleaner, and she won’t have puppies, which creates more unwanted animals that society needs to deal with.

Healthier. Sterilized female animals have fewer mammary tumours and uterine infections and males have less testicular cancer and prostate enlargement.

Happier. Sterilized animals are less likely to bite and fight people and animals, hump your leg and little kids, or bark persistently.

Cleaner. Sterilized animals won’t leave menstrual blood or urine in your home.

There are many myths around sterilization. Pets get fat and lazy because their people feed them too much. You will have a healthier pet if it’s spayed early rather than after her first heat. Children who want to watch the miracle of birth can do that on youtube. For men - your pet is the one being sterilized, not you and your still a man after it’s done. Your pet’s offspring won’t be any more special than those available through rescue organizations and humane societies.

Please do the right thing - spay or neuter your dog - cats too!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trembles for thunder

When prairie storms start to brew, happy-go-lucky little Jessie starts to tremble.

Unfortunately being scared of thunder is quite common. This fear ranges from trembling slightly to hiding behind furniture to needing to chew their way out and run away – anywhere! It can start small then worsen over time – and it can also ease off with age often with the onset of deafness.

Different levels of fear need different responses. For some, it may be as simple as confining your dog in a safe place like their kennel with a favourite toy. For more serious cases, some use alternative remedies available at health-food stores, and yet others use Gravol or prescription medications (puppy prozac like substances).

If your dog is terrified of thunder, resist the urge to pacify by giving affection – you’ll only reinforce the timid behaviour. (If you watch Dog Whisperer, Cesar consistently talks about reinforcing a calm state of mind.)

If your dog’s fear is extreme – medical attention may be in order. Talk with your veterinarian about an appropriate solution. Because doggie dosages are way different than human dosages, please don’t self-medicate without talking with your vet.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A tired dog is a good dog - and a happy dog

Meet Faust and Meena - two gorgeous shepherds. Wow, do they ever love playing ball!

If you want a better dog, especially if you have a young, high-energy dog, help them burn off some extra energy by taking them for long walks or runs, or by playing vigorous games of fetch. They'll love it and you'll end up with calmer version of your high-energy friend.