Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ew. It's tick season!

When you live in Saskatchewan, you long for summer. Ah, hot days, comfortable clothes, BBQs, Rider pride, and bugs!

Prevent ticks by keeping your dog healthy with proper nutrition and grooming, and by talking with your vet about suitable chemical or alternative tick treatments and collars. And, after your dog romps and plays in tall grass, make your pup happy by doing a full body tick check. You'll discover ticks before they do too much damage, and your dog will love the extra attention.

If you find one of those nasty little buggers, spray it with a small amount of human insecticide, then wait 10 minutes - or cover it with Vaseline. (Do not spray insecticide near your dog's face!) Use tweezers to grasp the tick close to the skin, then pull it out using steady even pressure being sure that the tick's head comes out. (To avoid infecting yourself with disease, don't use your fingers to pull it out.) Monitor the bite spot - if you notice signs of infection, take your dog to the vet for additional care.

Learn more about parasite prevention and treatment by taking a Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid class near you.
- http://www.walksnwags.com/firstaid.htm
- http://www.happypetboarding.ca/petfirstaid.html


  1. Thanks for the full-coloured photo, dude.
    I've pulled many a tick out of many a dog.

  2. Last spring we pulled 12 off of Logan in a week. Lucy, on the other hand, never stops running long enough for a tick to grab on!