Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dogs love green tripe

If you want to give your dogs something they’ll go ga ga about, try tripe.

White tripe is animal stomach. Green tripe includes the stomach’s content. It’s nasty stuff. My husband describes it as poop that hasn't hit the ground yet. I know – ewwww. It’s stinky. It’s called green tripe because it’s high in chlorophyll, but it’s actually more gray in colour.

It’s hard for any dog to resist the stuff. Even if they go on a hunger strike for most other foods, they’ll usually eat tripe either on its own or mixed in with other food.

You can buy it either canned or in fresh frozen patties from better pet food stores. I prefer the frozen stuff because there’s less stink involved when you feed it straight from the freezer.


  1. Well, there's Lucy's birthday present sorted!

  2. Oh yeah! This is the only food our Jasmine came to the counter for when I was opening the can.

    When I first saw it in the store, I got all excited. Doggy veggies the way they were meant to be! The can said that even picky eaters are crazy about it. Knowing our Jasmine i was a bit skeptical, but wanted to try it anyway.

    And even Jasmine, the pickiest eater ever, loves it. All our other dogs love and and daughter's dogs love it too. I haven't seen a dog who didn't.

    Yeah, poop that hasn't hit the ground yet - what can be better that that! :-)