Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the dog poo is?

The snow is melting and with the beautiful sun and warmth, comes nasty blizzard poo. It’s that horrible stuff that got stuck under a winter blizzard resurfacing with the spring melt.

The best pooper scooper in the world isn’t actually a pooper scooper. It’s a reach extender. People with limited mobility use these extenders to pick up items from the floor or reach items from a top shelf. What engineers likely didn’t think about is that they’re also awesome at picking up dog poo too.

We get ours from a few places. The ones from Regal are consistently good – they work well, don’t get stuck, and last a long time. Peavy Mart and Liquidation World (on Park Street) also sell them, but some times the quality is a bit suspect, so they break easily or get stuck in a locked position, which clamps down too hard on your poo. (There’s not much worse than that, but hey, you’re reading a dog blog, so you know a thing or two about poo.)

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