Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making cheap and healthy dog treats: Chewy Beef Heart Jerky Recipe

Dog food manufacturers and retailers are very good at making you think you have to buy packaged food and treats for your dog. However, another inexpensive alternative is to make your own – they're healthy, and additive and preservative free.


  • Slice beef heart into very thin slices
  • Lay strips across an oven racks
  • Place a cookie sheet on the oven rack below to catch the drippings – you can line the cookie sheet with tin foil to make clean-up easier
  • Roast at 170’ until the meat is dried – typically three to five hours

Cooking Alternatives:

You can also do this on the BBQ – turn all burners to high, burn off any old drippings, clean your grill, turn one burner to low and the rest off, then lay strips across.

If you’ve got a dehydrator, just place the strips into the dehydrator until done.

As always, when handling these or any store-bought dog treats, wash your hands after handling.


  1. Yup, we make these. From liver or beef. We did get a dehydrator. Either way, dogs love this stuff!

  2. These look great! I used to get some chicken strip snacks at Costco and then one day I noticed that they were made in China and not for human consumption! Needless to say, I decided these weren't a good option.

    I have a dehydrator and have made jerky in it, which is easy so will try this.

    Thanks for the idea.

  3. Look great.
    Another money saving tip

  4. Brilliant idea. I've never made de-hydrated meat myself, but I do make treats with healthy ingredients. I used to give my dog chicken and decided against it, like you Molly, because of how they treated battery hens. And now all the recalls going on from the stuff produced in china is frightening. I make everything myself.