Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have dogs, will travel

A friend of ours was heading down a grid road with their happy golden retriever seemingly securely contained in the hatch of their vehicle behind a protective safety gate. Their tire caught on gravel. The vehicle swerved. It rolled and the back window popped out. Their beautiful dog was thrown from the vehicle then excitedly raced around. Luckily it was on a back road and everyone was safe. On another day, at another accident, the dog could be severely injured when thrown from the vehicle, or it could easily be hit by passing vehicles.

Chevy the terrorist and mischievous Euclid pictured above are safely secured and ready for anything. They’ve got their seat belts on and a back-up crate to boot. Their mom is safe too. In the event of a high-impact accident, she’s completely protected from one of them smashing up and killing her or her passengers.

When travelling with your pets, make sure they’re crated or securely fastened. When an accident happens, riding in a hatch even behind a gate isn’t safe enough for them or you.

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