Friday, May 1, 2009

Would a puppy manicure be called a pupicure?

Whoa, look at those toes. Ruby is a very young, beautiful, energetic weimaraner. Her family had her toe nails done in fiery peach passion, not just because she’s a girl and, hey why not, but because nail tips are functional too. These slick nail covers protect newly refinished hardwood floors from Ruby’s enthusiastic race around the kitchen island.

Even if you don’t get all fancy with it, nail trimming is an important part of regular dog maintenance. Many dogs wear their nails off when running and playing, so they don’t need nail trims. However, couch potatoes and older dogs are at risk of getting infections and even going lame when nails grow too long.

It’s best to start trimming your dog’s nails when they're young. Take him or her to a groomer or vet or get advice from someone who’s good at it. Make it a pleasant experience where your little one gets lots of love and treats at the same time as the trim, then they’ll grow to love it.

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